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Miss C. Nix Mrs D. Hitchcock

Current Topic

Our topic for Summer term 1 will be Homes and habitats!

We will be focusing on how to care for animals, the different habitats they live in and their different names. 

Reminders and Routines

  • Children should bring a water bottle and snack to nursery each day. 
  • Please ensure all personal items are named. 
  • Library books need to be returned on a Tuesday so that they can be changed. We encourage the book to be shared together at home along with other stories to develop a love for reading
  • Children should be encouraged to develop their independence by doing as much for themselves as possible, this could be carrying their own belongings or putting on their coat.
  • Please could children attend Nursery in their ‘running clothes’ on a Thursday for PE.


Pirate Ship - 30.04.21

Ahoy! We have enjoyed playing on the pirate ship this week. We have taken it in turns to instruct people on how to climb over the wall safely to make it to the other side of the ship. Throughout the week, we have taken it in turns to be the captain of the ship and save everyone from the sharks. We have shown fantastic teamwork this week! 

Pirate Ship PhotosNursery Garden - 26.04.21

We have enjoyed digging and planting flowers in our new Nursery garden, just outside of our door. We worked as a team to help each other dig a big enough hole for our flowers. We are really looking forward to taking it in turns to water the flowers and watch them grow, we really hope we see lots of bumblebees. 

Nursery Garden - 26.04.21

29th March 2021

Green fingers

We have been busy working as a team to clear and plant new seeds in our flower bed. First, we collected all of the leaves and put them into the brown bin. Next, we used spades and forks to dig and turn all of the soil over. Finally, we planted wild flower seeds. We can't wait to watch them grow and attract the bees.   

nursery gardening 29.03.215th March 2021

Ice Experiment

We have been exploring how ice feels and what happens when we touch ice. We experimented using different ingredients and adding them to the ice, we waited and watched what happened. We also created our own pictures using ice that had been mixed with paint.

Dsc06085 Dsc06091 Dsc06092 Dsc06093 Dsc06094 Dsc06075 Dsc06077 Dsc06079 Dsc06084

Yummy Toast

We have been enjoying trying different toppings on our toast. We have also been trying very hard to spread our own butter on the toast. We then sat in a circle and shared out toast with our friends. 

Dsc06058 Dsc06059 Dsc06064 Dsc06068 Dsc06053 Dsc06054 Dsc06055 Dsc06056

4th December 2020

This week the whole school have been taking part in Arts Week. In Nursery and Reception we have been celebrating with lots of different activities; making plastic bag jellyfish, sensory bottles, sea-shell headbands and designing our own starfish. We also worked really hard to learn the song 'Five Little Seashells' - please see our video to see all of our fabulous singing! We hope you enjoy it!

Five Little Seashellsnursery Arts Week photographs

Websites To Support Learning

BBC - Number Blocks

Learning Nursery Ryhmes

Jolly Phonics Songs


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