School Bench

At the beginning of the academic year (2020/21), our Communication Team were told that there were some benches which needed upcycling. After a few meetings, our Communication Team posed the following multiple-choice question to the whole school to answer in their class meetings: 

Posed Question

“What theme shall we choose for our next bench?”

Answer Options

  1. Talking Bench – if you would like to sit and chat to a friend. 

  2. Art Bench – there will be special paint to write on and clipboards to take away and write. 

  3. Reading Bench – if you don’t feel like running around and would like to just sit and read.

  4. Buddy Bench – if you feel left our or lonely you can come and sit down and someone can come and sit down and ask if you would like to join in. 

In the last week before Christmas, all classes held their first class meeting to debate which themed bench they felt should win. 

We look forward to our Communication Team meeting this term to share the winning theme with the school!