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New Nursery Provision at Glory Farm Primary School, September 2019

The Board of Trustees for Bernwode Schools Trust is pleased to announce that we are re-opening a nursery at Glory Farm Primary School for 3-4 year olds in September 2019.

At Glory Farm Primary School we believe that the highest quality learning experiences are imperative as this forms the foundation for a lifetime’s love of learning. Our mission statement is ‘Learning, Laughter and Love’ and this begins from the moment your child starts their nursery education with us and resonates throughout the school. We strive to embed respect and understanding of others in a secure environment, where all children feel valued as they develop into independent, confident individuals. Our nursery day is filled with activities and learning through productive play and exploration. The positive atmosphere and our high expectations encourage success and a true love of learning. 

Whilst based in the nursery, our children are very much a part of the Glory Farm Primary School community and more widely, The Bernwode Schools Trust. This gives the children a sense of belonging and value, as well as a passive introduction to the exciting learning journey they have ahead of them. Opportunities at our nursery will allow them to absorb the flavour of every day life at school and gain an understanding as they grow with us. 

As the most important educators of their children, we value our parents and look forward to developing close and supportive relationships with each and every parent during their child’s time at Glory Farm.  We work closely with you to provide the highest quality care, education and support for your child and to ensure that the nursery is a happy place for all.