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Sustainable Travel

We are keen to encourage all our children and their families to choose healthy, environmentally friendly travel choices.

Our most recent Travel Survey told us that 75% of our pupils regularly walk to and from school – great news for their health and the planet!

Many of our pupils stated they wanted to cycle or scooter to school, so we worked with Oxfordshire County Council and received a grant to install cycle and scooter shelters for 80 cycles and 20 scooters. We’ve introduced a Two Wheel Charter to guide pupils on the rules for bikes and scooters in school, and have initiated a security labelling scheme to mark ‘vehicles’. 

Footsteps Training and Cycle Proficiency

Part of our curriculum for Year 1 is the popular Footsteps training programme. Delivered by parent volunteers, children receive weekly learning sessions on traffic awareness, stop, look and listen etc, in and around the school grounds.

Our Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to achieve their Cycle Proficiency certificate. Again, we are reliant on staff and parent volunteers to support this very worthwhile programme.