Eco Council

DownloadThe Government in England would like every school to be more energy efficient and self sufficient by 2020.

In March 2009, we decided to take part in the international award programme, Eco-Schools. This would assist the school on a sustainable journey and provide a framework to help progress the principles into the heart of school life. Consequently, in 2011 the school succeeding in achieving the Eco-School Bronze Award.

The pupil-led Action Team is the driving force to make the journey happen and consists of one pupil from each class, with Miss Finch and Miss Parrot to support them. We are currently working towards the Ec0-Schools Green Flag Award

At the beginning of this year the Eco-council worked together to complete an environmental review of the school. The review focused on the Eco-Schools nine topics and allowed the children to highlight areas of the school they would like to improve.  Overall the children concluded that they were very proud of all of the varied outside spaces available around the school and thus the biodiversity that this allowed.  At a later meeting, the Eco-council met to decide on 4  topics they wished to focus on The 3 topics chosen to improve Glory Farm’s environmental performance were Water, Energy and Bio-Diversity.

The Nine Topics of the Eco-Schools Programme

Water Bio-Diverstiy Energy
Global Perspectives Healthy Living Litter
School Grounds Transport Waste

An Action Plan has been developed from the results of the environmental review and are the areas of the Eco-curriculum that the children wish to work on. The plan sets out the actions that are required within the school to save energy and water and create an areas within the school grounds that the children can use in all areas of the curriculum.

  • Water We will improve the amount of water that is wasted across the school, by creating a number of posters to inform other children. We also would like to improve the amount of water we collect by increasing the number of water butts around the school. The water we save can be used for the year 6 water fight!
  • School Grounds The school has lots of outside space but we would like to use more of it during our learning time. We would like to have outside huts to us to explore our environment and the nature around us and also have the opportunity to have lessons out there. The charity Green Gym have already come into school to help develop Stephen’s garden and the nature area, so we hope to use this more for our lessons.  We would also like to try and build an environmentally friendly greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles. What fruit and vegetables would you like to grow in our greenhouse?
  • Energy We would like to reduce the amount of energy used across the school, by helping to remind teachers to turn classroom and the projectors off lights off. We will create a number of posters to be used around the school, alongside being the energy monitor in our classroom. Make sure your class are saving energy … we will be coming round to check!
  • Recycling and Waste We would like to improve the recycling system used across the school. All of the classrooms need to have their own blue recycling bin, waste bin and brown food waste bin. We will also hold a whole school assembly to improve how children and staff use these bins correctly. Do you always use the right bin?
  • Transport We all travel to school in different ways, but we would like to find out how many people travel in those different ways and we will therefore do a transport survey. We can therefore use the survey to make sure that we have enough storage space for bikes and scooters around the school. We have also noticed that the bike shed around the school is looking very dirty and has a broken pane and we would like to raise money to mend it. Would you help us wash the bike sheds so they look brand new?

There is a designated Eco-Schools noticeboard in the school.

Our Eco-School Code

Energy – use it wisely
Computers and lights – turn them off when finished
Our planet – help save it
When it’s bright, turn off the lights
Only use what you need
Recycle water to care for our plants
Look and care for our wildlife
Don’t waste water – save every drop