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Mayor of Bicester Visit to the Bicester Learning Academy

News ‐ 12th Dec 2019

The Bicester Learning Academy was delighted to welcome the Mayor of Bicester. Jason Slaymaker. to our schools today. 

An informative chat with Mr Baxter. Executive Headteacher. was followed by a tour around The Cooper School Visiting the various departments and commenting upon the calmness of the classes taking place gave the opportunity to discuss the importance of understanding and connecting with young people throughout our town. This was particularly pertinent to Jason's focus for his year as Mayor, which is 'young people', giving them a voice and supporting his selection of charities and events. Seeing the school day in action gave a flavour of our academy and the chance to speak with the students/pupils. 

At Glory Farm Primary. the Year 3 were working hard on their current project 'parks'. Pupils had recently visited Garth Park and were excited to show the Mayor their plans and prototypes of 'My perfect park'. The Mayor talked to the children about how parks were implemented throughout the town and asked them what their favourite piece of park equipment was: the zip wire was hands down winner! 

As the children from Foundation. through to Year 6. took the opportunity to look at the Mayor's chains of office. they were full of impressive and enquiring questions and comments "How much does it weigh'. 'What are all the names and writing on it?". "Is it real gold?. 'Who was the first Mayor of Bicester?'. 

The opportunity opened the children's eyes to possibilities. Knowing that Like themselves. Jason attended Glory Farm Primary School was especially exciting and gave them a true perspective. They asked questions about what the Mayor does? Can girls become the Mayor?. What do the council to for the town?. Does the Mayor go to the shops and to churches? How did you get the job of Mayor? Who has to vote for the Mayor?

Mrs MacLachlan. Headteacher at Glory Farm Primary School.. explained that visits such as today's were so important for the children Speaking to The Mayor of Bicester gave them an opportunity to ask questions and consider their own aspiration, what they had the potential to achieve in their own Lives and the endless choices ahead of them. 

Thank you so much to Jason for taking the time out of his busy schedule to spend the morning with us.