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Sporting News - Virtual Quadkids

News ‐ 20th Nov 2020

Sporting news! 

Over the past couple of weeks - children from Years 3,4,5 and 6 have been competing in a virtual competition. The competition was held between all Primary Schools in North Oxfordshire. The children had to compete in 4 events - the events varied depending on the year group. The children worked hard and their results were collated and sent to the event organiser. 

We have just had the brilliant news that Glory Farm are the Year 3/4 Virtual Quadkids winners. 

The organisers were very impressed with our results and from this event, 6 of our children have made the Year 3/4 Dream Team who will go forward and represent North Oxfordshire in a competition next year.  

From Year 4 the children are: Dean C, Arthur S, Evelyn F, Emma K and from Year 3 the children are: Frankie and Raheema.

A huge well done to all the children and especially to the children who made it into the 'dream team'.