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Current Topic

Our topic for Term 6 is ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. We will be learning all about mini-beasts, farm and zoo animals and mythical creatures!

Reminders and Routine

Children will need to have a water bottle and fruit snack in school each day. Now that the weather has become much warmer, please also ensure that your child is coming to school with a sunhat and with sun cream applied. Children can bring sun cream into school to apply independently, but please make sure it is in a clearly named bottled.

We would encourage children to share a story at home daily to help develop a love for reading. Children should be encouraged to develop their independence by doing as much for themselves as possible. This can include putting on their own coat, changing their shoes, tidying away their belongings and toys and helping their grown-ups at home.

We have recently provided every child with their log-in details for Numbots. We are really pleased to hear how much our children are enjoying this online resource. Please continue to encourage your child to play this interactive, learning game, regularly at home.


Our PE Days will be Tuesday and Thursday. Children should come into school in their PE Kit on these days each week.

Reading Books

Books will be changed on a Monday in Reception. Please ensure that book bags are in school every day to support us with 1:1 reading in class. We have also started to read in guided groups. This is where your child will either be read to by an adult, or participate in a joint read, as part of a smaller group. The aim of these guided group sessions are to provide our children with a range of reading opportunities and to prepare them for Year 1. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Learning News

Reception's End of Term Treat! 21.07.21

Reception children had a lovely treat this morning - ice cream on a very warm and sunny day. We took as many photos as we could before all the ice creams we devoured but we weren't quite quick enough! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was a lovely way for us to enjoy our last day together before they move up to Year 1!

Ice Cream! 

Marvellous Minibeasts!

Children in Reception had the challenge of designing and making a junk model minibeast for their home learning. We have been so impressed with the creations that have come into school over the week. Tasks like this are a great opportunity for children to spend some time with a grown up or sibling at home, as well as giving them the chance to express themselves creatively. We particularly love seeing where children have produced their art work themselves - it's lovely to see how far their design and making skills have come on since the start of the year.

Thank you so much for all the children's efforts this week. Here are just a few of the minibeasts we have seen. All of the children's creations will be on display in the corridor outside of our classroom for everyone to see!

Marvellous Minibeasts!Father's Day

Process Over Product!

When teaching in Early Years, it can be very tempting to provide children with beautiful craft activities where there is a specific end goal - a goal created by the adult. The end product can look lovely - but it can be very limiting for a child's creativity and prevents them from developing their confidence in creating their own ideas and expressions of art. 

For Father's Day this year, we simply asked the children to draw a picture of them with their daddy doing something they enjoy. We are sure you will agree that the end products are BEAUTIFUL and we hope our Reception Dads will enjoy receiving them this weekend. The children are very proud of the card designs - each and everyone is special and unique.

We want our children to learn through enjoying and being part of the process, taking ownership over their ideas and creating something they can be proud of. Process over product!

Happy Father's Day!

Dsc04537 Dsc04538 Dsc04539 Dsc04536

Superhero Day in Reception!

This term, we have been learning about superheroes - both fictional and in real life. We have learnt that not all superheroes wear capes and during the pandemic, many people have done things to help and support others which makes them a Superhero. To celebrate how proud we are of our heroes - our children - today was our Superhero Day! The children made their own t-shirts in school and capes at home as part of their home learning. We spent the morning making superhero dens and iced biscuits ready for our mini-picnic this afternoon. 

Well done to all of our wonderful Reception children for putting in so much effort with their costumes, and thank you to our families for supporting them with this at home!

Dsc04496 1

17th May 2021 - Captain Tom's 100 Challenge in Reception!

The children in Reception have been inspired by the life of Sir Captain Tom. To celebrate his life, we set the children the home learning task of getting involved in the 100 Challenge. Here are some of the things they got up to!

Theo did 100 jumps on the trampoline. Archie threw a basketball into a hoop 100 times. Esme did 100 hula hoops over three days. Logan baked and decorated 100 cupcakes. Sophia and Kyle crossed the street they live on 100 times. Macie built a Lego house using 100 Lego bricks. Scarlett picked 100 daisies. Harry counted 100 toy cars. Teri-Ann went up and down the kitchen on her scooter 100 times.

We were so impressed by everyone's efforts - well done Reception!

Captain Tom's 100 Challenge Pictures

15th May 2021

Fridays in Reception look a little different - the teachers step back and the children are in charge! Before we go home on a Thursday, we get to plan for our learning the next day. We have to think about what we want to learn, collect the resources and set up the learning stations ready for Friday!

This week, we were very lucky to be donated some large cardboard boxes from Mrs Redding in Year 4. We used these boxes to build a car and a rocket. The teachers taught us some new techniques for joining materials and we worked together as a team to create these rather wonderful designs! What do you think? Miss May and Mrs Whitney think we have some talented design engineers in the making! We were so busy designing and creating all morning - we completely forgot about snack time and playtime!

Funky Junk Friday! - Photos

8th March 2021

Reception had the most wonderful day together on Monday! The children had clearly missed their friends and teachers and so we spent the whole day playing, mainly outside, and enjoying being back together!


8th January 2021

We had such fun playing in the snow this morning. We had snowball fights and looked for icicles. What a lovely surprise for a Friday morning! 

Snow Fun

4th December 2020

This week the whole school have been taking part in Arts Week. In Nursery and Reception we have been celebrating with lots of different activities; making plastic bag jellyfish, sensory bottles, sea-shell headbands and designing our own starfish. We also worked really hard to learn the song 'Five Little Seashells' - please see our video to see all of our fabulous singing! We hope you enjoy it!

Five Little Sea Shells


27th November 2020

We Are 5!

We had a fabulous 5th Birthday Party this afternoon. We made party hats (which didn't last long due to a design flaw - but we had great fun making them!), danced and our birthday children got to eat cake too! Thank you to the PTA for our delicious birthday cupcakes - we can't wait for the next party! Please click on the link below to see some pictures:

We are 5!

Wonderful Writing!In school, we are beginning to develop and apply the new phonic skills we are learning. Many children are now hearing sounds in words and using their sound mats to support them in applying this skill in their writing. Thank you for practising phonics at home - it is having a really positive impact!

12th November 2020

We have been learning about the significance of the poppy at this time of year. In our free flow time, we have been making thank you cards and working together to make a poppy stained class window. During our guided group time, we have been labelling and writing about the poppy. Our teachers are very impressed with our phonics!


16th November 2020

This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week. We have started making our own Humpty Dumpties using eggs which we will need to look after carefully to make sure that they don't fall and crack! 

Humpty dumpty 4


Humpty dumpty 1Humpty dumpty 2Humpty dumpty 3


18th November 2020

This term we have been learning about nocturnal animals, their features and habitats. Last week, we worked in teams to design a den for a nocturnal animal. We had to think about which materials we thought would work best and then draw a plan for our dens.

In DT this week we have been creating our dens for our nocturnal animal. We have worked together to make them and we are looking forward to seeing if they withstand the wind (hairdryer) and rain (spray bottle) in the next few days! 

DT Den Photos24th November 2020

In PE, we have been practising our ball skills - throwing, catching and rolling. This week, we are beginning to apply our skills in the context of a team game. We are learning how to wait for our turn, work together in a group and encourage others to join in!


Phonics and Early Reading Workshop - parts 1 & 2

Part 1

Part 2

Phonics and Early Reading Workshop - Presentation


Websites to support learning

Phonics Play 

Tricky word phase Two SongAlphabet Rap!

Cbeebies Numeracy


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