Our Local Community

Comic Relief 2022

This year we raised money for Comic Relief by asking our families to donate any loose change. In classes, children then used the loose change to make a line. These lines were measured carefully to then select our 'longest line champion'. The winners were EYFS and 5BGK. We managed to raise around £490 with all the loose change which was donated to us - thank you!

Spreading the love with Tesco Bicester

Over the last week, all children have decorated a heart to be displayed at Tesco Extra in Bicester. Our children have used a variety of techniques to decorate their hearts, from collage to sewing! Please look at our Facebook page for a photo of a few designs or pop into our Tesco Extra towards the end of next week to see them on display!

Harvest Festival - October 2021

Thank you for your kind donations towards the harvest festival. These donations have been collected by the Bicester Food Bank and will help lots of local families.

Thank you again for your kind generosity and for supporting this important cause.

Community Champion - Pizza Kits

Just before the Spring half term, we were made aware of an opportunity to receive some free pizza kits from Morrison’s. We contacted the Community Champion from our Banbury store and were lucky to receive 30 free pizza kits. We then funded another 30 kits, meaning we received a total of 60 kits to provide to our FSM families. Each pizza kit contained pizza dough, tomato sauce, grated cheese and either peppers and sweetcorn or pepperoni and ham. The kits were thoroughly enjoyed by our families who received one and we would like to thank Morrison’s Banbury for providing the pizza kits.

Well Done To Bethany And Harley - Eat Them To Defeat Them, Competition Winners!

Last year Bethany and Harley entered an 'Eat them to defeat them' activity online competition. They won a Crayola art pack. They were very happy to come home to a brand new art set!