Work In School

11th June 2021

The school would like to say a huge 'thank you' to Malika Best (one of our Reception mummies) who is an artist and kindly offered to repaint the artwork on the stone which commemorates when Glory Farm Primary School was added to in the 1990's. Please do come and have a look - it is situated by the EYFS front gate.

Comic Relief - Friday 19th March 2021

What an amazing day! We have loved seeing our children dressed in red today to raise awareness for Comic Relief. We have seen red tights, t-shirts, headbands and even red face paint! We have also had lots of laughter by sharing our funny jokes and taking part in a virtual Comic Relief quiz with Miss May. Thank you for all of your support and donations towards the cause.

Here are some of our jokes which have been shared today:

What is brown and sticky? A stick!

What did the big flower say to the little flower? Hi bud!

Poppy Pebbles

In preparation for Remembrance Day this year, all children in our school painted a pebble to display around our school grounds. Our children spent time researching and thinking of designs to paint on their pebbles to reflect those who have fallen. All children then spent time using their ideas to carefully paint their pebble. A considerable amount of thought and reflection went into producing these pebbles and supporting our children’s understanding for those who did, and continue to, sacrifice their lives for us. On Remembrance Day, our children observed the two minutes silence whilst looking upon our memorial sign and poppy pebbles.

Children In Need 2020

For Children in Need Day this year we decided to raise money for a local children's charity - Helen and Douglas House. Helen and Douglas House provide support for families with a terminally ill child, as well as round-the-clock care. To raise money we held a 'Touch of Orange Day' where all children came to school dressed in orange and took part in orange themed activities. The day was a real success and we managed to raise approximately £258! Thank you to all parents and carers for their generous donations.