We are delighted to welcome you to our MiniPolice page and to introduce you to our newly appointed MiniPolice team. Following the application process, 25 lucky Year 5 children were selected to support Thames Valley Police in their work to make the community of Glory Farm and Bicester a better place. The MiniPolice project offers children aged 9 -11 first-hand experiences and engagements with their local community to develop a stronger sense of citizenship and responsibility, as well as a greater understanding of police work. Glory Farm Primary School are extremely proud to be part of this project and the MiniPolice team are already working alongside two of Bicester's PCSOs to plan projects out and about in the community for this academic year. Watch this space! Updates from the MiniPolice Team will be coming soon!

Lantern Parade 27th November 2021

The MiniPolice were excellent ambassadors for Glory Farm Primary School at the Bicester Lantern Parade on Saturday. Thames Valley Police officers commented on the children's excellent behaviour, smiling faces and comradery. To top off the day, the MiniPolice came on to the stage for the crowd with the Mayor, which was a wonderful surprise!

Thames Valley Police would like to say a big thank you to the parents of the MiniPolice, who were so supportive and helpful with dropping off and collecting.

Please keep an eye out for the MiniPolice at the next local event; the Garth Park Illuminated Trail!

MinPolice - Parking 1st February 2022

Year 5 Mini-Police were busy today, reminding parents and staff to drive carefully and park safely around our school. Thank you for your support in this important matter.

Remembrance 2021

We are very proud of Mateo and Lucas, they were fantastic and represented our school with pride at the Remembrance parade yesterday.

The Police Officers who accompanied the boys said that they were "such polite boys, they smiled all day, sang in church and marched like soldiers".

Here are some pictures of them in their MiniPolice uniforms. Well done boys!

MiniPolice News - 30/09/21

On Thursday afternoon, the MiniPolice were visited by two PCSOs from Thames Valley Police. They brought a brand new police van with them to show us! The MiniPolice were delighted by the demonstration of the blue siren in action and enjoyed asking lots of questions about what the PCSOs do. The MiniPolice were also given the opportunity to sit in the cage at the back of the van where the police put people who are not following the law. Lots of us had a turn and we took some pictures. By the end of the visit, we had decided that it is much better to be a Minipolice officer than an offender! Have a look at the photos of our visit on the British Values section of our school website. We are looking forward to our next visit from Thames Valley Police.

Our first MiniPolice project is on Monday 4th October when we will be supporting the children from KS2 as they watch the Women's Cycling Tour travel down Churchill Road. Make sure you check our page soon for pictures of us in our uniforms!

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