Our Smart Council

At Glory Farm Primary School, we believe that every child has a right to be heard. Therefore, we have adopted a new and innovative way to approach our School Council. In replacement of our previous School Council, we now have a ‘Smart Council’ which focuses on inclusivity and ensures every child has a voice.

Our Smart Council involves a Communication Team, setting up Action Teams and Class Meetings.

Communication Team

The job of our Communication Team is to keep everybody informed about what is happening in our Smart Council. Our Communication Team attend regular meetings to discuss what can be focused on within the school and to think of questions linked to these discussions to pose to the whole school. The Team also ensure all jobs are being completed by the Action Teams.

Communication Team 2020/2021

Year 5 Amelia Brooke

Year 6 Airon Lucas

Action Teams

Action Teams are a chance to make change happen and are led by our children with the support of subject leaders. Action Teams are formed based on responses from the questions posed by our Communication Team. For example, if the results focus heavily on PE, then a PE Action Team is formed. Our children are heavily responsible for planning what actions they need to take and implementing the necessary changes.

Class Meetings

We have a class meeting whenever there is an issue raised in school that requires a pupil voice. In these class meetings, we discuss and debate in groups about a topical question that has been posed to the whole school. Our class groups then vote for what they think would be the best option. The winning choice across the school is then actioned in order to improve life at the school or work together on a particular project.

Progress Board

The whole school are kept up to date with the progress of our Action Teams via our Progress Board. Our Progress Board showcases what projects are happening, actions which are taking place, who is responsible for the actions and the expected project completion date. The board also displays what is unable to happen and why, and projects which have been completed by our Smart Council.