All Policies

Trust Policies apply to all schools in the ACER Trust. They are published to comply with statutory requirements. The following trust policies are available via the acer trust website which can be found HERE:
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policies
  • Charging and Remissions Policy
  • Whistleblowing ProcedureT


Trust Policy Statements are overarching statements that set out in broad terms the Trust’s approach and commitments relating to the key policy areas. They are available HERE. These statements are intended to inform school policies and procedures.

School Policies

Attendance Policy
Biometric Data Policy
Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School
Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Policy
Disciplinary Procedure
Drugs / Substance Misuse Policy
Educational Visits / Vocational Trips Policy
Fire Safety Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Gifts & Hospitality Policy 
Lettings Policy 
Managing Allegations of Abuse Made Against Staff and Volunteers Policy (Acer)
Positive Handling Policy
Probationary Policy For Support Staff
Single Equality Policy including School Accessibility Policy & Plan
Social Media Policy
Volunteer Policy and Procedure 
Child on Child Abuse Guidance 
GFPS - First Aid Policy
GFPS - Children with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School 
GFPS - ICT Online Policy 
GFPS - Inclusive of CWCF Policy 
GFPS - Safeguarding Protocols and Role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) 
GFPS - SEND Policy 
GFPS - Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 
GFPS Admissions Policy
GFPS Anti Bullying Policy 
GFPS Attendance Protocol
GFPS Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Policy
GFPS Suspensions and Exclusions Policy
GFPS Governing Body
GFPS Handwriting Policy
GFPS International School Policy
GFPS Nursery Admissions Policy
GFPS Positive Behaviour Policy
GFPS Presentation Policy
GFPS PSHE and RSE Policy
GFPS Safeguarding Policy 
GFPS Staff Behaviour Protocols 
SEND Vision