The Arts

Artsmark Award

Over the last two years, our school has been working hard to raise the profile of the arts in school. The staff have planned exciting arts lessons for the children linked to their topic work. They took part in a school Art Exhibition where parents could buy their children’s artwork. The children have also been offered exciting school clubs for Art, Choir, Drama and knitting.

Year groups have had opportunities to work with local artists and Arts organisations on exciting projects. We have had Nick Cope in to perform to the school a number of times as well as take part in a Q and A session with Year 2. Year 4 were involved in an exciting project where their created willow sculptures with a local artist that were sited at the Rollright Stones. Our school has also taken part with OYAP in creating willow lanterns for the Bicester Christmas lights parade. Year 6 worked with a local artist to create beautiful prints.

The year groups have performed plays and musicals to parents as well as put on mini exhibitions in their classrooms to celebrate their topic learning.

Our school choir have performed a number of times in the local community and taken part in a local choir festival.

Year 1 have taken part in a dance festival with other local schools which was very exciting.

In February of this year, we were thrilled to achieve the Silver Artsmark award. This is a national award that recognises our dedication to the arts in our school.

This award lasts for two years, so we have recently reregistered to start the process again, as it takes two years to achieve. We are excited to be able to continue delivering exciting arts projects to the children as we understand the value and importance of the arts in our children’s wellbeing and lifelong learning.

Arts Award

Two years ago, Mrs Black trained as an Arts Award assessor. This is a national qualification run by Trinity College in London for children. Our school are able to offer the Discover and Explore Arts Award. We have already had a group of children achieve their Discover Arts Award and we are very proud of their achievement. We aim to continue offering the opportunity for children to achieve an Arts Award.

Bicester Festival

Arts Week - 4th December 2020

All children have been a part of our Arts Week in school this week. This has had the whole school theme of Water and has enabled the children to take part in work that has been shared throughout the whole school virtually. During this pandemic, working on projects as a whole school community has not been possible and therefore children and adults are missing this. The Arts have included music, drama, art, design technology (eg baking), computer technology (designing water art) and dance.

Year groups have paired up to share their learning virtually and this will be displayed throughout school.

Thank you to Mrs Kirsten Black for having the idea and to all staff for all the planning and preparation required to make this a success.