Teacher Miss C Nix

Teaching Assistant Mrs D Hitchcock

Current Topic

Summer term 6 - I wonder how things grow?

This term's topic is based around Understanding the World and Personal, Social and Emotional Development; children will be learning and exploring through their senses to gain hands-on experience with the changes that occur to plants and animals. They will also be looking at and exploring how fruit and vegetables are grown and will also be sharing facts about their families. They will have the opportunity to look at, describe and re-create artwork inspired by Klimt. To support our learning this term our English texts will be 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Alison Barlett & Vivian French and 'Jasper's Beanstalk' by Nick Butterworth.

Reminders and Routine

  • Children should bring a water bottle and snack to nursery each day.

  • Please ensure all personal items are named.

  • Children should be encouraged to develop their independence by doing as much for themselves as possible, this could be carrying their own belongings or putting on their coat.

  • To ensure the safety of all children we request that they are wearing appropriate footwear - this means children should be able to put their own shoes on and be able to tie their own laces if wearing laced shoes.

  • Please could children attend Nursery in their ‘running clothes’ on a Monday for PE.

  • Please ensure Library Books are returned to school on a Tuesday.


Picasso 24/02/2022

We have been looking at pieces of Artwork created by Picasso. We shared our likes and dislikes about his artwork. We also found that in many of his creations he uses lots of different colours and many different shapes.

'That has a diamond shaped head.'

'She has funny shaped fingers and hands.'

'She looks sad and has 2 different colours on her face.'

The children then created faces and people inspired by Picasso.

Pancake Day! 1st March 2022

The children selected the different fruits they wanted to add to their pancake. The children then practised their knife skills to chop up their fruit. The children then enjoyed eating their pancakes and showing their friends the different toppings they had.

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17th February 2022

The children enjoyed a shared afternoon creating paper plate dinosaurs.

11th February 2022

In Nursery this week the children have been exploring mixing and using powder paint. The children worked as a team to cover the concrete outside in our playground with coloured powder and then added the water to create paint. The children then used a paintbrush to mix together and create their own paint.

Shared Craft Activity 10th December

Our Nursery and Reception children enjoyed coming together for a shared craft morning last week. During this session, all children made a Christmas wreath. We were so pleased to see the children working together and applying their creativity skills.

Reindeer soup - 8th December

The children have been practising using a knife to cut different fruit and vegetables. They then added their chopped up pieces into a bowl or a cup and made their own reindeer soup using different coloured water. The children then supported their friends in chopping up their fruit or vegetables.

Shapes - 1st December

The children went on a shape hunt around the school, naming and describing the different shapes they could see. The children then came back to the classroom and made the different shapes they saw around the school using straws.

Our children commented on what they saw. Some of their comments were:

'Window is a fat square.'

'Look a circle, water go down it.'

'Rectangle, 4 corners.'

'The sides are all the same.'

Diwali Festival - 5th November 2021

€‹Diwali is the festival of light and is celebrated by Sikhs, Hindu and Jains. This festival is celebrated on a no-moon night. Diva lamps are placed on the walls and entrances to peoples houses. The children created their own diva lamps from paper plates and decorated them using different craft materials and lots of colour.

These are some of the key facts the children wanted to share with you from our RE session:

'Everyone clean their houses lots and tidy them.'

'The lamps light up their house path.'

'They watch fireworks.'

'Eat lots of food like us at Christmas.'

'Share presents.'

22nd October 2021

Year 4 children shared their science learning about teeth with the Nursery and Reception children, who are beginning to learn about the importance of good oral health. The Year 4 children sat down with a group of Nursery and/or Reception children and shared their Google Slides presentation about teeth with them. Next half term, we hope that Nursery and Reception will share some of their work with Year 4. Well done to all children!

Big Art

Reception and Nursery worked together to create a big Early Years Town. Every child created their own person using different craft materials and different colours. The children then worked in smaller groups to create different parts of our town; numicon houses, hedgehogs, flowers, a tree, the letters, the sky and grass.

Some of the comments from our children were:

'Spiky hedgehog on grass.'

'The letters are pretty.'

'We worked as a team.'

'My friends helped me paint.'

The children really enjoyed working together as a unit to create this piece of Artwork.

Home Learning challenge

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